Life Without Social Media

One of our biggest successes and failures is social media.

Imagine the dismay of others when I tell them I do not utilize any forms of social media. A few shoot me looks of pity, others are left curious.  As if one’s presence online is the only thing that matters. For the people leery of me, don’t worry I’m not trolling you.

I had to break up with social media during college, when Facebook began to offer access to a larger network of people. At one point all you needed was an authentic college or university email address. I say I got out just in time. Here are my reasons why I choose not to use social media.

Okay I admit it I was a poser. During my time on Facebook I posed as a private eye detective, stalker, and crazy ex-girlfriend. There were pictures of me with red solo cups at the club and positioning myself as a model with my girls.  I was even tagged in some unflattering photos of myself stuffing my face in the café. While all of those depictions of me were accurate; they were not all encompassing of the person I am.  Anyone can arbitrarily present facts and lies on their own behave online.

Privacy is a main component for my distance away from social media.  As someone who craves a sense of anonymity networking sites can be daunting. We all know that perception can be reality. Very rarely do you get the opportunity to alter someone’s initial perception of you.  Many of us have not been given the opportunity to interview much less hired for a position to due to our social networking profiles. Some people have been even fired because if it. Let’s not forget the PR consultant Justine Sacco‘s infamous offensive tweet which led her dismissal in 2013. Being obsessively conscious of my surroundings is no longer a concern of mine. Words can easily be misconstrued online. I don’t have to the need to present the best of myself every day in fear of a tarnished image accessed by the wrong person.

Is it not a hassle to choose who to following and unfollow online? I don’t have feign enthusiasm for the coming and going of other people’s lives. Nor do I suffer from low self-esteem due disregarding my own seemingly mundane life in comparison to others.

Kissing face and peace sign are the only variety of selfie stances I can pull off. After a couple of pictures they are no longer cute. I have yet to perfect the Instagram filter and Photoshop enough to become an Insta model. Although I do have an appreciation for the before and after images of the Glo-Up challenge on twitter, I know that one’s true identity can be difficult to discern online.

In the past it was painfully brought to my attention that I should probably just talk to my crush instead of cyber hunting him down.  Not having social media has encouraged me to be more proactive. I am forced to communicate face to face. I actually have to call someone that I would like to speak to.

There are some things I sacrifice because of my lifestyle sans social media. I have to go out of my way to be current on media news, but even more importantly, I have to sacrifice my self-promotion. Websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can give you a chance to communicate with people you wouldn’t have the opportunity to in real life. In this line of work, that certainly can give a person great advantage among a person like me doesn’t. Undoubtedly there are positive usages social media but there negatives are so overwhelming that it just isn’t right for me.

Is anyone like me when it comes to social media?

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