Letter to My Hair-Pre Big Chop

Dear Hair

I know the Lord said you are my glory I apologize for not treating you as such. My obvious abuse to you took a gigantic blow to your self-esteem.

As I gently climb up each rung of recovery my first step is to admit I was your problem. Lifeless you stood without my hands. Too much manipulation left you weak. Pulling prodding utensils broke you off.  While the sadness showed in each glance in the mirror I ignored your cries. Unbeknownst to me your thirst simply could have been quenched with water. I am so sorry.

Lackadaisically I went through the motions without care. Sometimes not bothering to condition, I wasn’t aware of its importance. I should have went below the surface to deeply stimulate you from within. Never did I moisturize and sealed your ends. You were left for dead hanging just to show length. You had a high fever due to the harsh heat after each blow. As I restful slept on any given night, you tossed and turned naked without protection from dusk to dawn.

Once in a while I thought enough to treat you to a protein shake, still the damage was done. You were angry and rightfully so I should have took heed.

How dare I unhealthy compared you to others wishing you were something you’re not when I didn’t even know who you were? The essence of your true texture camouflaged by the cream.

Woe is me for I thought you too difficult to manage.  I claimed you were too tender to touch not knowing I made you so.

The braided extensions were admittedly beautiful in every style. I now claim that you can be beautiful alone. You have that black girl magic to show yourself in many ways.

I promise to… laboriously work hard on exemplifying your glory. Abundantly giving you the required H2O. Highlight your string suits coating words of aspirations. I love you through thick and thin. Your length will not take precedence. Your health is all I need.

I thank you for being who you are!!

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