The Break-Down

There is solace outside of the wreckage, and lessons to learn in the spill.

Sometimes we take for granted the trials of our lives. Those moments of clarity where we audibly hear our insides churning, may lead us to make moves we are uncomfortable with.

The situations that shake us up, make us shed a tear or two, and break us down are the situations we often times try to forget. Alas they don’t go away because we need them. Lessons can and should be learned because the spill.

The spill taught me I don’t have patience for a customer service centered fields. God had to exert extra energy when I worked in such a field and prayed for the 100th time not to insult a resident. (After being disrespected many times over) There is not enough money in the world for you to be unhappy every day. There is an acquired defense you build after the wreckage you now know how to shake that bad habit. The realization of the bad habit that left you below average not living up to your own potential almost destroying your person becomes clear.  Or is that just me?

Emotional maturation can start after a breakdown. Hiding your feelings will no longer be necessary with tact of course you can’t go about telling people about their mommas without consequences.

Let the break-down go as scheduled! It happens to the best of us.

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