Letter to College Me

Dear College Me

Think about the story you want to tell about yourself, and set out on that legendary path starting now.

A day will come when you will let go of your inhibitions pressing beyond your limitations.  Attempt to achieve greatness while everyone expects the contrary but not perfection that will never work. Perfection is discomfiting for it will leave you without a desire for something more. I know you rather be anything but ordinary but stop to remember that it is the details not the destination that matter the most.

Do not I repeat do not chase or beg college boyfriend he will not stand the test of time. When he leaves you let it go.  Remember he was at the epicenter of your heartache. There is solace outside of the wreckage. It is okay to be vulnerable however most people don’t deserve your vulnerability. You will not able to tame or keep up with him. The man you can run free in the wilderness with will come in Gods due time. Don’t fight and fuss over your hair you will big chop before natural hair is mainstream.

Be careful of what and how you eat the freshmen 15 + will take years to combat. Take heed to mother’s advice she is usually right on point.  Your life trajectory will be not apparent describe your own archetype.  Write with reckless abandon. Cultivate and hone your skills so that passion is illustrated through each and every word.  There is power in pen and keyboard. Simple phrases will inspire you so make note of them.

Do not be an apathetic bystander stand up for something or you will fall for anything. Strengthen yourself in defeat, study your surroundings including what’s in those expensive books, and take advantage of the uncomfortable opportunities that come your way. Philosophy is a fascinating class it will be one of your long lasting academic memories. Life begins at the end of your own personal comfort zone.

Ignore the preconceived notions about others and truly get to know them. Keep in contact with your genuine college friends you gain a few great ones.

Enjoy these years vividly capturing moments to live by. The harsh reality is that you applied for those student loans one day you will have to pay them back with interest.  Once you move that tassel from one side to the next you are on your way to the next journey take with you all the wisdom acquired from college.

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